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Terraria 1.3 by MrPwner911 Terraria 1.3 :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 1 0 Brutal Doom V20 Screenshot by MrPwner911
Mature content
Brutal Doom V20 Screenshot :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 8 9
Armada: Peacekeepers (W.I.P., not final)
Timeline: 2030-2097 A.D.
The Armada/Peacekeeper storyline is a hybrid of Dystopian/topian sci-fi fantasy fiction, and Sly Cooper fan fiction.
Around the 2020's, a gene-mutating virus known as Krovoxite began appearing on Earth, and evolving many people that lived on the planet, boosting their immune systems and life span, increasing their intelligence, even managed to override disorders and lethal diseases, making it a powerful tool... And possibly a weapon.
This caused two powerful syndicates to come into formation: Biotech, a company where Krovoxite is modified to create genetic enhancements, and London Augmentation Modification Offensive Systems, or L.A.M.O.S. creates cybernetics and Augmented high-tech weapons for the Armada Peacekeepers, which were a secret for the time being. This had caused problems over the years, where Biotech and L.A.M.O.S. started what began a standard competition at first, turned it full-scale underground war between the two, and collateral damage and civil
:iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 1 0
Terraria: The Crimson by MrPwner911 Terraria: The Crimson :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 4 0 Slender Man by MrPwner911 Slender Man :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 4 4
LGC: the Slayers
LGC: The Slayer: Who We Are
LGC belongs to Demented Raccoonus
Story by MrPwner911
(A/N: This is a fan fiction and has no official place in the LGC mythos, such as alternate forms of history, and character bios. Also, this is the first time I wrote something completely if first person, so a critique would be nice, please.)
We do not rule with an iron fist, but we make our presence known, and felt if such circumstances demand it. We prefer to hunt, but we can raise armies swiftly when such circumstances demand it.
We aim to excel at the skills we were born with, and to use them to where they are no longer just skills, but instinct instead.
We choose who or what we hunt, and it is our decision to make, not for those in kingdoms or villages to decide. If they wish us to be exiled, we shall do so with little resistance, should they control their aggression.
I had one intentional species to hunt for, to claim my dominance over, however Fate had other plans.
+=-4 years ago, during Logam
:iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 2 0
Eternal Red: Chapter 2
The guests in the party and reunion were mainly people of middle age and elderly, which made both friends uncomfortable, but nonetheless they done anything possible to enjoy themselves. Nathaniel glanced around and saw a Valyn Wolf walking towards him, and waved at him. Artyom Markensov's girlfriend, Arkana Isengard.
"Hey Nate, have you seen Artyom?"
"Hey Arkana," Carrington replied, "Arty's back over there. Just went to have a word with his relatives. But hang on," holding his hand up in front of her, "I, uh, I think the dress on you looks... fantastic." Nathan was turning red upon saying that, hoping she would be flattered.
"Thank you, but I'm sorry, I can't be with after what my father-"
"Why, because I'm from AEP land? An 'American'?" Carrington grumbled, Air quoting 'American'.
"It's not because of that-" Arkana started.
"Then what? I get, I was a bum when Art found me, but I would've been dead if it weren't for him. My mom was from AEP-America, and I was labeled as a person from
:iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 0 0
Eternal Red: Chapter 1
Life isn't always easy. Never will be, even for me and my former friend Artyom.
We thought the world revolved around us; we were its kings, Gods. Hell, we figured at one point nothing in existence would bring to our knees.
Pfft. How stupid of me to think of that....
2023, 3 hours after contact with Delta Wolf pack was lost
Artyom looked at his watch, nervous, and glanced over his shoulder, wondering if he friend was done admiring himself in the mirror. Annoyed, the Russian walked towards the bathroom door and tapped on it.
"Nathaniel, let's go. Quit playing with yourself and get out here."
Shortly after, Nathaniel walked out, wearing a tuxedo, well-groomed, and was apparently wearing a pair of sunglasses.
Snorting under his breath, Markensov yanked off the glasses, then handed it back to his friend. "You're not outdoors or blind, kiddo. You don't need them on"
Rubbing his ears from where his glasses were, Nathan took it back, and hung one arm over his shirt. "Thanks for nearly cutting
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Eternal Red: Characters/Timeline
Eternal Red: Characters, Timeline, and a preview
The Prologue starts around the same time during Rusty Myers' Nightmarish trip to the Lamos base, but the whole story in general takes place ten years after that. It follows closely to the original Sly Cooper Trilogy plot, but instead of focusing on Sylvester James Cooper, it is portrayed in an alternative, darker universe, such as the Armada universe. Humans, Mechanai, Valor/Valyn and Chrozin coexist, and the story follows a former heir to the Russian Lamos facilities known as Artyom Markensov.
Alongside the Sly Cooper Characters, here are some for Eternal Red.
Artyom Markensov
Age: 31 as Sigma (presumed dead around 21)
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6' 7" as Sigma (5' 11" before death)
Nationality: Russian
Markensov had it all, the money, the home, even his love. Around the Harvzhi Dyali (Blood day in Mechaik, June 10), an planted bomb detonated while the people of Lamos were celebrating Markensov's coming of age a
:iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 2 0
CrossFire: Rusty Myers part 4
The station seemed empty, barren. Looking up to see how far he had fallen, Myers couldn't see anything but pitch black. He didn't believe he had fallen a great height, instead he assumed it was nighttime and he was knocked out for the time. Jumping to his feet, picking up his pistol, the only weapon that followed him into the abyss, the Lone Wolf moved through the empty halls of the base.
After traversing through the lonely corridors after what seemed like an hour, a sudden flash of blue light appeared from behind, and glowed intensely. In breakneck speed Rusty turned around, pistol in hand, ready to fire. His eyes widened and lowered his sidearm slowly. The blue light was a hologram, one that resembled of Dr. Sanler, and stared back at him intently.
"Dr. Sanler?" Myers inquired. The holograph nodded, and the Corporal shook his head. "I thought that Hellspawn thing shoot you down. How the hell did you survive?"
"No, I'm quite dead actually, I'm just an data-based AI that studies the ex
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Mature content
CrossFire: Rusty Myers part 3 :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 0 0
LGC: Races
LGC Races
Alongside Werewolves and Vampires, there are also some races that roam the land, some hostile to each other, while others tend to keep to themselves.
ArkiDemon, Arki for short: Undead humanoids with will and control of their actions, and often swarm in numbers when they are threatened. However, they are content with building their own villages, and tend to keep to themselves. They aren't liked by humans, but welcome other people as long they don't cause problems and keep their prejudice at the door.
Arki live nearby the same land as the Dragneels, but more often than not, they trade with the vampires close by.
Slayer: Humans (they can also be half werewolves/vampires/Arki) Hunters that see any race (except humans) as game and potential to prove themselves better than the other. Slayers can get mixed with werewolf hunters, as they prefer to hunt certain kinds depending on their mood. Suppose a Slayer walks into the Dragneel's village, people there can be worried whether it wil
:iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 1 7
Halo 4 Spartan IV: MrPwner911 by MrPwner911 Halo 4 Spartan IV: MrPwner911 :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 5 0
CrossFire: Rusty Myers part 2
Rusty was sleeping when Nicholas jabbed him in the shoulder with his rifle. "Are we almost there?" Myers said with a yawn. Wilk gave a short nod, and pointed at a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. "We just made it, in fact. Do you remember why we're here, Lone Wolf?"
Myers' nickname 'Lone Wolf' was due to him leaving his brothers in arms and holding off forces on his own, saving Wolf Pack more than others would believe. He was exceptional at this skill, and done wonders better alone, but it angered his colleagues more than necessary.
"There was a distress signal, right? Something about Lamos 'unleashing' some unfinished weapon? I'm one for fairy tales and fables, but I doubt even that is a serious message." Myers looked past his CO's shoulder and gave a low whistle. "Though THAT could be a clue."
Wolf Pack, or its remaining squadron from the last mission, turned to Myers' point of view, and their eyes widened. They saw multiple craters and destroyed houses, and what lo
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WTF Youtube by MrPwner911 WTF Youtube :iconmrpwner911:MrPwner911 0 0
Armada: Backstory and Races
Timeline: 2030-2097 A.D.
Around the 2020's, a gene-mutating virus known as Kalzyte began appearing on Earth, and began infecting millions by the hour. Much to one's surprise, the virus did not kill, but evolved the nine billion that lived on the planet, boosting their immune systems and life span, increasing their intelligence, even managed to override disorders and lethal diseases, making it a powerful tool... And possibly a weapon.
Economic times have been better. The U.S. economy collapsed, bringing forth a destructive civil war between the government and the people. The American Enforcers Project went into effect, and crushed all resistance in its wake, and a facist system was supreme.
Europe, Asia, and Austrailia saw it best to exclude the Americas completely, and work on its own problems. They succeeded, and people experienced peace, and advancements in science, through biological and technical research, were higher than normal thanks to the Kalzyte.
This has caused problems, sin
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Chaudown450 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I take it you joined Rosaria's fingers in DS3? :p
MrPwner911 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I actually alternate between that, Mound Makers and the sunbros, the latter as both for Co-op and PVP.

I really love the way you can switch covenants on the fly in Dark Souls 3, much more enjoyable than having to go through entire areas just to rejoin a covenant with the first two.
Chaudown450 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mound makers are an interesting covenant...

Pity that they recycled the Blades of the Darkmoon and Blue sentinels...they both exist for the same purpose. If the Darkmoons existed for invading sinners, and the sentinels existed for interfering with a dark spirits invasion, maybe it would have worked. :/

Although I'm definitely digging the idea of being a Watchdog of Farron. :p
MrPwner911 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Only difference between the two fun police forces is that the Darkmoons are shinier and have that Darkmoon blade buff, so it's pretty much an upgrade to blue knights, since I don't think they have a covenant leader like the others.

For some reason I had a hard time trying to invade as a Watchdog when I first started, maybe it was because I was over-leveled or something. Yet I didn't have that issue when I was a part of Aldrich's faithful (getting to that covenant was a pain in the ass with those dogs in the water area, both in New Game and NG+).
(1 Reply)
Chaudown450 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good lord...looking at your icon gives me flashbacks of the fight against Orenstein and Smough...
MrPwner911 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
For some reason it's my favorite boss battle, and I never outright struggled fighting against them. Only died at their hands a couple times in three playthroughs, mostly because of Fatso McBanhammer.
Only boss I really struggled with was the Bed of Chaos, so many deaths trying to get on that little branch, didn't help with the fireballs and the tree acting like a broom.

(Sorry for the Vietnam Flashbacks, btw.)
Chaudown450 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its ok. Sunbro made the battle memories a little more bearable. Oreos and smores were a breeze thanks to him. :p

Funny enough the old Dragonslayer from DS2 wasn't nearly as difficult as Ornstein was
MrPwner911 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It is insane how overpowered Solaire can get during NG+ and beyond, to the point where he can actually one shot invaders. I hated going against him whenever I do PvP like the classic Dickwaith I am.

Old Dragonslayer wasn't hard either, then again he was pretty much one of the starter bosses for people to encounter over at Heide's Tower of Flame. Bet it was a nightmare for the new guys.
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