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November 15, 2012
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LGC Races

Alongside Werewolves and Vampires, there are also some races that roam the land, some hostile to each other, while others tend to keep to themselves.

ArkiDemon, Arki for short: Undead humanoids with will and control of their actions, and often swarm in numbers when they are threatened. However, they are content with building their own villages, and tend to keep to themselves. They aren't liked by humans, but welcome other people as long they don't cause problems and keep their prejudice at the door.

Arki live nearby the same land as the Dragneels, but more often than not, they trade with the vampires close by.

Slayer: Humans (they can also be half werewolves/vampires/Arki) Hunters that see any race (except humans) as game and potential to prove themselves better than the other. Slayers can get mixed with werewolf hunters, as they prefer to hunt certain kinds depending on their mood. Suppose a Slayer walks into the Dragneel's village, people there can be worried whether it will someone, can their moods can switch in an instant.

They are usually difficult to defeat one without training. A regular slayer can defeated without hassle provided you have training, but Master Slayers (only two can exist, a Master, and an apprentice) are dangerous altogether. Either one Master Slayer can take on ten Lushuns AT ONCE, and defeat them without a scratch. Master Slayers are no laughing matter. Take notes Jeremiah: they can kick your ass blindfolded, arms tied behind their backs, spun around until they are dizzy, and given a little stick the size of your arm. Great for breaking Pinatas!

Shadowmancers: Necromancers that roam in the same land the Dark Wizards do, and can unleash numbers of souls into corpses, trees, or even little rocks, and form constructs out of those to attack the enemy. A Soul Reaver's power come from the souls they consume out of killing a monster or their attacker, and can use that soul to fuel their powers. The way they get souls differ from a Dark Wizard's, as the defeated's body withers to dust after the Reaver impales them with their sword or axe, or if the soul-created arrow from a bow kills the person.

They stay out of violence and combat whenever possible, like the Arki, and are mainly skeletons with purple-blue flames covering the skeletal remains while wearing a cloak. It is believed that they were created of the Dark Wizards' magic, but they have been around longer than even Malice.

It is common to encounter one while in the Dark Wizards' land, and are more than happy to help out should you need it, provided you don't attack out of terror. Rumors have it that some Shadowmancers are readying themselves to attack Malice, now that he has returned. Should one kill him, all the souls Malice has reaped will be consumed by that Reaver, and all the bodies, whose souls were lost to him, will wither away.

Archyles: Four different types roam the lands: Fire, best for fighting; Ice, for archery; Lightning, for magic; and Earth, for heavy combat. They live far away from each other, and even further the Dragneel village. Usually, one will seek guidance from the Great Oni, and other kinds to understand their place.

Darkseekers: (A/N: I need to introduce this cult into my Armada universe, but that's during Eternal Red.)

Dark entity-like creatures that only exist during the night, and can take any form they see fit, from Werewolf to vampire alike, and can attack with little or no warning.

They are a mirrored race, which means that, in a parallel universe, they also exist as well, but as something else. It is unknown what.

Rogue Werewolves: Lone Wolves with no destiny or cause. Khronic, was originally one of them, until events with Lushun caused him to exiled by the Rogues. They are much like the Werewolves, but inherit while fur over black, and tend to fend for themselves more frequently than other races. Aside from that, they're pretty much the same people you would see in the Dragneels' village, and they're made of people kicked from various villages too, whether they did something wrong, or disliked the way things were going for them in their older villages. There are bound to be some not happy to a Dragneel walk in unannounced, but won't attack him or her unless provoked.

LGC belongs to DementedRaccoonus/Jeremy. The races mentioned above (Arki, SMs, Slayers, Darkseekers, Archyles) belong to me. If you have DR's permission to use LGC, then you have mine for races.
DementedRacoonus' Lous Garous Clan is a story focused on the Loyal Dragneel family in the Medival Ages, but here are some races and creatures I thought up, and who knows, they may appear in one of his stories!

LGC belongs to :icondementedraccoonus:

Some of the races belong to me, Soul Reaver for the win.
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HowlingWolf-KD Feb 21, 2013  Student Artist
Some of these are taken from the elder scrolls
MrPwner911 Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not that I can tell (aside from the atronachs), and I play Elder Scrolls. The Atronachs in DR's universe I wanted to be sentient beings, not just creatures you summon in the game. Other than that, everything else I came up with.
HowlingWolf-KD Feb 21, 2013  Student Artist
Soul Reavers are in TES
MrPwner911 Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
They are? That sucks :C

Well in that case, I'll change the Reavers' name and remove the atronachs altogether.

Thank you for the heads-up. Sorry if I sounded rude at any point.
hey i like these races
MrPwner911 Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like the Soul Reaver in particular :devilish:

It was the first race that came into mind when you started the second season.
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